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400 EX Bushings

I would like to thank Kevin Soule for discovering that these bushing will also work for a LTZ 400 and KFX 400 shock on a Blaster. Special thanks to my buddy Awk for discovering that they will work with a 250R shock as well as long as the pin is ground down. You guys are the best!!!

Only $25 Shipped


One of the biggest problems with the Blaster is the suspension. The stock suspension only allows for preload adjustment. One solution is to purchase a used 400 EX, LTZ 400, KFX 400 or Honda 250R shock and fit it to your Blaster. These shocks are a huge improvement over the stock unit. Not only can the preload be adjusted, you can also adjust the compression and rebound of the shock.

These bushings allow you to take the 400EX, LTZ 400, KFX 400 or Honda 250R rear shock and mount it to your Blaster. Simply remove the old shock, drill the bottom mounting hole of the shock to 12 mm, install the bushings in the top mount ( takes about 3 seconds ) and bolt it all together. Bushings are made of 1018 carbon steel and can even be welded into the frame if you want. The price for the conversion bushings is $20 shipped to the lower 48. The price for the bushings, new bolt and nut is $25. Email me if you need international shipping. I have a video on you tube that shows how the shock works, why it's better than stock and how to install it.

Here's the video that explains how it's done.

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