Cylinder Plating

Modern cylinders incorporate a variety of coatings in the liners to prevent wear. As effective as these coatings are, they will all eventually wear out. Problems like cylinder wear, cracks, gouges and flaking are all easily repaired by stripping the cylinder and re-plating to exact specifications. Deep gouges and cracks are repaired by welding prior to plating the cylinder. We offer one stop service for all of your cylinder plating needs. Just ship your cylinder and let us worry about the rest. We'll strip all parts from the cylinder, clean and service the power valve, inspect the cylinder head for damage and lap the surface, reassemble and ship back to you. What you get is a clean, oiled, professionally assembled cylinder that's ready to go right out of the box.

Strip, plate, hone and assemble


Strip, plate, hone, bore and assemble


Strip, plate, weld or bore, hone and assemble


We ship and receive worldwide daily.

Turnover times for cylinder plating vary. Call first for estimated times.



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