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Used Parts

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Blaster High Compression Hemi Head

Adds 3-5 HP depending on supporting modifications. Works with bore up to 68.25 mm. Works with stock stroke and 3 mm with spacer plate. Requires fresh high test fuel.

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Yamaha Blaster Flywheel

OEM Flywheel

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Yamaha Blaster Stator

4 Wire. Fits 88-02. Tested.

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Blaster 4mm Stroke 5mm Long Rod , Balanced Crankshaft

4mm stroke, 5mm long rod. Crankshaft is balanced for a 240, forged piston. Requires case trenching. New rod kit and bearings. Polished beam. Comes with spacer plate, gaskets, and key.

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Vito's Stock Replacement Crankshaft

Re-built Vito's stock stroke crankshaft. New rod kit

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Yamaha Blaster Transmission Gears

OEM. Great condition

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Yamaha Blaster Clutch Cover

Fits all years

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Blaster Clutch Basket

PC forged primary basket with cross drilled clutch hub. Great condition.

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Blaster Cases

These cases were polished a few years ago and will clean up GREAT. Cases are trenched to accept a 4mm crank. The tab for the clutch actuating spring is broken. Not an issue.

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