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OEM Blaster Parts

Some of us have a dealership in our back yards. Others have to drive for miles to get the parts they need. We're now stocking OEM and aftermarket Blaster parts as a convenience for our customers. Most items will ship the same day you place your order. More items are on the way.

Vito's Fat Bastard Blaster Pipe

Vito's fat bastard pipe

Blaster OEM Base Gasket

Blaster base gasket

Blaster OEM Head Gasket

Blaster OEM Exhaust Gasket

Blaster exhaust gasket

Blaster OEM Intake Gasket

Blaster OEM Clutch Cover Gasket

Blaster Stainless Steel Clutch Cover Bolt Kit

Blaster Stator Cover Stainless Steel Bolt Kit

Blaster Stainless Steel Bolts For Both Side Covers

Cylinder Dowel Pin

Flywheel Key

Clutch Ball

Blaster Clutch Lock Washer

Blaster Balance Shaft Lock Washer

Blaster Idle Gear Washer Set, Contains Two

Blaster Idle Gear C Clip Set, Contains Two

Vitos 72 MM Big Bore Kit

Vitos Big Bore KOR Ported Race Cylinder Kit

Blaster Shock Conversion Kit With Nut and Bolt


Blaster Top End Bearing

Wiseco Piston Kit for Blaster

Be sure to specify size

Blaster Wiseco Piston Kit, Blaster Wiseco Piston Kit

Wossner 240 Piston Kit

wossner piston

Vitos forged 240 Piston Kit

vitos 240 forged piston

Vitos +3 Stroker Crank

Vitos +3 Blaster Crank

Hot Rods +4 Blaster Crankshaft

+4 Blaster Crankshaft

Koyo Crankshaft Main Bearings

Blaster mains

Wiseco Bottom end Gasket and Seal Kit

Blaster oil block off plate with gasket

Blaster oil block off plate

Blaster Case Saver

Blaster Case Saver
Click for You Tube link

Blaster Hydro Conversion Spindles(modification)

(customer provides spindle for mod)

Click for You Tube video
Blaster mains

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