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Cylinder Porting

Cylinder porting takes time, patience, special tools and more than a basic knowledge of air flow and velocity. Late model cylinder castings are extremely efficient and, in most cases, not much can be done to increase air flow without destroying the velocity of the charge. Some cleaning of the casting imperfections is fine and, in most cases, can't hurt. What you need to be careful of is enlarging the ports, changing the shape or direction or changing the height.

Cylinder Plating

Modern cylinders incorporate a variety of coatings in the liners to prevent wear. As effective as these coatings are, they will all eventually wear out. Problems like cylinder wear, cracks, gouges and flaking are all easily repaired by stripping the cylinder and re-plating to exact specifications.

Engine Assembly

Modern engine assemblies are complicated and must be assembled to exact specifications in order to operate at maximum levels of performance. Ken OConnor Racing has been building race proven engines for over 30 years. Our knowledge and experience assure you of a top quality assembly every time.

Porting Templates

Ken OConnor Racing is now offering porting templates for most ATV's, Snowmobiles, and Watercraft! Click below to shop now.

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Every crankshaft rebuild undergoes two inspection processes before it leaves my shop. I guarante the quality and accuracy of all rebuilds. My name is my reputation! I don't play games with motorcycle crankshafts and neither should you. Rebuild your crankshaft with confidence and never worry about getting a bad crankshaft again!

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