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Cylinder Boring

What is Cylinder Boring?

Cylinder boring is the process of enlarging a cylinder to accept a larger piston. Usually, cylinder boring is performed when the bore has become worn out or damaged. Cylinder boring must be done correctly. Deviations in the process will cause premature failure of expensive engine parts or catastrophic engine damage. Two stroke ports must be chamfered correctly and free of burrs. Cylinder base mating surfaces must be flat and perpendicular to the bore. Peaks and valleys need to be removed with power cylinder hones, not spring loaded hones. Cylinder bores must be round and straight to promote minimal ring wear. Piston skirt to bore tolerances are critical. Ken OConnor Racing has been boring cylinders for performance engines for decades. We understand how a poorly bored cylinder will affect performance and engine life. Trust your cylinder and expensive engine parts to a shop with the experience to do the job right.


Cylinder Boring
Bore and Hone Cast Cylinder
Includes- bore, hone, and chamfer ports

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