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Cylinder Sleeves and Re-sleeving

When is Cylinder Re-sleeving Necessary and How is it Done?

It's no secret that most of today's high performance ATVs , motorcycles, and watercraft are using various coatings inside the cylinder bore. These coatings include nikasil, ceramic, and chrome. The main function of these coatings is to reduce internal friction. These coatings have a high resistance to wear, but they do wear.

Many things promote cylinder wear: Dirt or water entering the cylinder, pre-ignition, detonation, overheating, bad ignition, retarded timing, incorrect jetting, leaking head gasket, air leaks or not bringing the engine up to temperature before a ride.

When a coated cylinder is worn or damaged it can't be bored because the coating is very thin and hard. At this point you have a few options:

  • Have your cylinder re-plated
  • Buy a new factory cylinder
  • Have your cylinder re-sleeved

Although Ken OConnor Racing can provide all three of these services, sometimes a sleeve is the best (only) choice.

Installing a cylinder sleeve saves you 20% - 30% compared to the cost of a new cylinder.

When we re-sleeve your worn cylinder, it's fitted with a custom-made chrome molly, iron alloy cylinder sleeve. These sleeves will maintain all of the factory horse-power and they are rebuildable. When the bore wears out you simply have it bored to the next oversize.

Your new cylinder comes complete with a piston, rings, pin, clips, top-end bearing, sleeve and gasket kit. We clean and inspect the power valves, glass bead the cylinder, remove the studs, match all the ports for maximum performance, fly-cut the cylinder and inspect the cylinder head.

Most jobs ship in 10 days or less!
This must cost a fortune - Right ? WRONG !!!!


Prices apply to modern engines only
Cylinder Re-sleeving
If you want to supply your own parts, we need the sleeve, piston and power vale.
$250-$300 + Parts
Bores requiring over .300" removal
Oversized Piston

Call for prices on vintage engines

Custom and "one off" sleeves available

Don't be fooled by lower prices! Make sure you know what you're getting for your money. Demand top quality and great service at a fair price!

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