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"Several years back I developed a passion for restoring and racing vintage offroad bikes. Finding parts and also machine shops to work on these old bikes was a challenge. First and foremost, finding someone you could trust with rare hard to find, vintage cylinders was even more challenging. KOR has bored around five cylinders from 1980’s Yamaha’s, Suzuki’s, Husqvarna’s. Every one came back in less than a couple weeks and the tolerances were spot on. I won’t trust anyone else with these rare parts. Now I pack it in a box and send it to Ken. When it comes back I know it’s done right."

Mike DiMartino

NETRA Vintage #52

"Over the past 15 yrs, I have been using KOR for all of my lower end parts sourcing, as well as crank rebuilds, and specialty machining operations including carb boring, cylinder base machining and custom fabrication. Ken has always done an amazing job in all aspects and phases of the process. I actually sold all my crank fixtures, jigs and presses because he was able to rebuild cranks within a thous or less, faster and more timely than I could. In a high production environment, time is money and your money is well spent with KOR, period."

Joshua Lyon

Owner Operator JBoneMotorworks

"I heard lots of good reviews from friends about the company so I chose KOR to do my strip/replate and power valve service. I just got my cylinder and cylinder head back from Ken yesterday. Excellent work! Looks brand new! Highly recommend and will certainly be doing business again in the future. Thank you!"

Eric Lockshire

"Ken has a lot of knowledge on what he does and is very passionate about doing the job right! I had him do a total rebuild on my 1991 Suzuki RM 125 engine and it runs great. He is now doing a couple more total rebuilds on engines for my other bikes. I highly recommend him if you're planning on having your motorcycle, atv or snowmobile engine rebuilt!!!"

Kevin Fields

"Ken built my 240 plus 4 mm stoker blaster and it is a monster !! And he stands behind his work Top notch all the way -first class guy!"

Jack Lopresto

"Had a crankshaft rebuilt by Ken after seeing his YouTube videos. I have never had a crankshaft spin so freely, it even seems to rev faster and runs smoother. I love the work quality and attention to detail. Anytime I have work done that I do not have the tools or knowledge for he will have my business. Good turnaround time, too! Thanks Ken, cannot wait to rip this 125 again."

Stephen Boykin

"My son Jake Dastous #613 won the 2014 JDay Jr's championship aboard a 2007 YZ 125 that had a motor built by Ken O'Connor racing. The O'Connor built motor ran without failure for the entire 2014 season. The JDay series is 16 races long with two thirty minute motos per race. A brutal event aboard a YZ125 yet the OConnor motor never skipped a beat. Thanks Ken for the chance to win this championship. See picture with Jake in the middle and with JDay pro champions Kyle Hangos and Robby Marshall.
Thanks Ken !!!"

Joe and Jake Dastous


"I just want to say a big thank you to Ken O’Connor Racing for all their help in my Banshee build. He did an awesome job on porting my banshee cylinders, and helping with other aspects of the build (carb tuning, selecting performance products…). My banshee is like a different machine and Ken’s customer service and pricing was second to none. If you need work done to your Banshee I would definitely recommend him, you won’t be disappointed."

Zach Stoll

"KOR has been doing all my machine work , and cranks for a couple of years now , not one complaint PERIOD , he def takes his time , knows what He's doing and takes pride in his work , well over 100 cranks and not one issue , Thanks KOR Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!"

Ron Bushey

Factory Mechanic

"Ken not only is a great engine builder, he is a really cool dude and a good friend. He has done a lot of work on my bikes. His work has always exceeded expectations. Also his customer service can not be beat. If you need any work done I highly recommend having him do it for you."

Mike Burke

"I've know Ken OConnor for about 40 years. From when he puts his shoes on in the morning, everything he does he does with passion and gives it a %110. He's also a man's man. If he say's something his word is his bond. He would rather lose his shirt on something than not live up to his word. Trust this man."

Paul Hyland

"I've had a lot of work done by Ken. The service is top notch and the product is even better. Recently Ken ported one of my cylinders off of a cr250. I called KOR, and Ken answers the phone every time. After going over what exactly I wanted,Ken told me exactly what he was going to modify. The best part is I got exactly what Ken said. My bike will rip your arms off! There's nothing better than an engine tuner who is straight up honest, professional and Delivers!! Thanks Ken!!"

Matt Makein

"Yeah kens work is flawless, no complaints here, he has helped Numerous people out even when they caused the issues. Need more shops like him"

Jon Long

"Everything I've sent to Ken has come back far beyond my expectations. The work he does is meticulous, and the customer service and support he provides is the best I've ever dealt with.
KOR is a business you want to do business with. Top notch work, knowledge, and being upfront with you is what sets Ken off from the rest."

Fred Roberts

"I can't say enough about Kens work, service, and customer support afterwards................. Simply awesome !!!!! Both my blaster motors are completely Ken Oconnor Racing built. The only builder to ever touch my engines again !!!!"


Johnstown, PA

"Long time no see people!!!! Beginning of the year i bought and installed a vitos 240 BBK to only have it blow up 16hrs later. So i sent my top end to ken and just got it back yesterday and installed and running today. To those of you who have already witnessed and experienced his work know what im saying but to those of you who dont all i can say is wow!!!! This cylinder bore and cross hatch was so impresively done i almost didnt want to install it! The most impresive thing besides the work its self is that this guy does this by hand!!!! Ive raced and built mustangs, go carts, nitro cars, dirt bikes, atvs basically anything with an engine since i was 15 in all shapes and forms currently ive got a n/a car vortech blown 4.6 and nitrous 5.0 all fully built and none compare to the machine work done by ken. The guys truely a master at his trade!!!! My only problem is that the man doesnt live closer to me! Im serious i cant speak high enough abot the work done by him! Ive got pics ill have to get up comparing kens work compared to a new out of the box vitos 240bbk and its night and day. Vitos should be sending these kits to ken before to us! Got it together and called him for advice on break in and the guy has the best customer service bar none ive ever seen! Treated me like i was an old friend! To those of you in need of future machine shop work seriously dont waste your time or money else where! I promise you wont get a better service for your dollar than what ken oconnor is providing. Ill not be spending my money any where else than with him! His work is in my opinion above and beyond what id expect considering how low his prices are. Again thanks ken i appreciate your time and effort and the service and knowledge you provide us and after dealing with you i wish every buisness was such a pleasure to deal with!"

Budget Blaster


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